Writing has always been my favorite hobby. Whether I am writing a paper for school or jotting down jokes and story ideas, I never feel more comfortable than when I get to sit down at the keyboard or scribble away in a notebook. Becoming an English major was an easy decision, once I realized how perfect it is for me. I can finally do what I love and earn a degree from my passion. The written word yields amazing power, so now I hope my major will help me strengthen my writing talents and aid me in positively impacting the world via my writing voice.

Stephan Erickson

I have struggled with the English language for most of my life, which is why I now pursue it. Studying English Literature has helped me to realize my fondness for twentieth-century design, art, and culture. The English Honors program has provided me with a reliable network of mentors who have shaped me into an academic.

Paul Kang

I am pursuing the English literature major because it’s flexibility allows me to organize my interests in English, German, French, Italian, Ancient Greek, and Latin literature into a program of study at once unified and structured. Being in English Honors is important to me because it affords formally the opportunity to develop my own body of research while under the mentorship and guidance of the brilliant and diverse faculty of the English department.

Zachary Hayworth

Studying English is important to me because it allows me to gain better insight into certain places and times. Beyond that it is a valuable lens into humanity in general. English Honors is important to me because it provides me with the opportunity to show my dedication to the major with a thesis project. This thesis will represent my entire undergraduate career as I move forward to pursue my PhD.

Tamra Lepro