To Apply

  • You must be a freshman or sophomore at City College with a minimum 3.3 overall GPA and 3.5 GPA in your English classes.
  • You cannot be pursuing a second degree.
How to Apply
  • Complete the College’s online application, (both the general application as well as the Isaacs Scholarship page, page #20).
  • Notify the Isaacs Scholarship Office that you have applied for the scholarship:
  • Submit academic transcripts
  • Submit TOEFL scores if English is not their native language
  • Submit two instructors’ letters of recommendation
  • File a Financial Aid Form with the College
  • Attend a personal interview.

A personal statement of 400-600 words explaining why you want to major in English and why you believe you are qualified for and would benefit from an Isaacs Scholarship.

A writing sample of about five pages. This should be an essay that you have written for a literature or humanities class, although other types of prose – a short story or a nonfiction essay, for example – are also acceptable.

Two letters of reference from professors who can speak to your excellence as a student of literature and/or other subjects, to your discipline and focus, and to your promise as an Isaacs Scholar. Choose referees who know you well and will take the time to write you a detailed and enthusiastic recommendation.

If accepted, applicants undertake to:
  • Concentrate in English literature
  • Complete a collateral program of study in a classical language.

(Students are required to study a classical language up to the intermediate level, i.e., four semesters of study. The language can be Greek, Latin, Hebrew, classical Arabic, etc. The study of a classical language fulfills the college-wide foreign language requirement. The study of a modern foreign language is highly recommended but not required.)


The Isaacs Scholarship application deadline corresponds each year with the College’s general scholarship submission deadline.
The deadline is usually in March. New scholars begin participating in the following fall semester.